Tips for Living Smart Under The Pandemic – Presence Care Series

Presence Editing Team

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has greatly impacted our daily routine and even our emotional well-being. Are you feeling stressed or uneasy in some ways? Below you can find tips to conquer STRESS and live smart hopefully helping you find relief and strength in these days.

S – Self Awareness 

Recently a friend shared that every time after she went grocery shopping during the pandemic, she would have some sort of sick feelings. Finally she had to admit her real diagnosis: stress. I am so thankful for her awareness. She is a mature Christian, and I know she can handle stress as soon as she is aware of it. Stress is a strange thing, and can exist (even for a long time) without knowing it. The more capable a person is somehow makes it harder for him or her to realize that he or she is under stress. The pandemic has upset our daily routine in many ways. How do you feel about adjusting to this “new life?” Being able to feel your feelings and be aware of your emotions is the first step to handling your stress.

T – Time for yourself

With the stay-at-home order, it seems harder to find personal time and space when everyone is home. Yet solitude or time for yourself is very important. Not only do we need to spend time with God, but we also need this opportunity to listen to our hearts, to find strength, and to search for goals and a purpose in this difficult time. Be creative about reserving time for yourself. You can take a walk outside in a park, find a room that you can be alone, or even just stay in bed a little longer after waking up for some quiet time in the morning…etc.

R – Routine, keep the routine

With stay-at-home orders in place, students and office employees now mostly study and work from home. Without a set time of going to work or school, it has turned the lives of many upside down. Even stay-at-home mothers have had to accomodate to the new routine of their family members. Adjustments are inevitable but sticking to a certain routine can definitely help.

E – Easy, take it easy

“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (Matt. 6:27). This is so true. While the impact of the pandemic on the future is not in our control, we just need to put our trust in God and take it easy. Even taking precautions to avoid being infected need to be taken moderately. Otherwise, before we are hit by COVID-19, we would already be hit by anxiety. “E” can also stand for “exercising.” Working out not only helps boost our immune systems, but it can also keep us relaxed and in a better mood.

S – Stay connected

Social distancing is crucial to cutting down the spread of the virus. While physically we need to be apart, our souls are still so much in need of staying connected. There is actually zero distance in the world with technology plus our effort. Love and relationship is always the best medicine in life to nurture our souls. Keep walking with your friends and loved ones, and feel the blessings regardless of the pandemic.

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S – Seek help

We talked about self awareness at the beginning. If you are indeed aware of any serious needs or issues, please do not be afraid to seek help. Life is filled with hurdles, but jumping over them would not be too difficult when someone is with you. 

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