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  • Dinner Table Devotions Book Review – “U Read, I Read” Series - Oftentimes getting started reading a whole book together as parents and kids can feel daunting. Dinner Table Devotions is a great book to help your family start building that habit of reading together each day and encouraging one another in your faith.
  • Faith and Career (Part 2): Trusting God’s plans – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Community” Series - In Part 1 of our Faith and Career series we talked about what it looks like to be a light for Christ in the workplace and how we can maintain our identity in Christ even in a secular work environment. At RE:NEW’s Career Panel Discussion back in November 2021, Jeff Chan, Youth Pastor of the First Evangelical Community Church in Cerritos, shared some ways young people can discover the kind of job God may be calling them to pursue…
  • Education and Career in an Unpredictable World – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Community” Series - Since the pandemic started, youth and young adults entering their fields of study and potential career paths have had to endure unprecedented changes on a global scale. RE:NEW hosted a Career Panel Discussion in November 2021 to address this issue. We heard from five successful professionals in various industries and their views on the role of education in landing the right job.
  • Book Review: If You Want To Walk On Water – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series - “If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out of The Boat” is the first book recommended in our RE:NEW “Heart to Heart: U Read, I Read” blog. This book review challenges both parents and youth to step out in faith as Peter did. No matter what age we are, what occupation or cultural background we come from, God always calls us to live a life wholly trusting in Him. We hope as parents and youth read this book and discuss the reflection questions together, they can challenge and encourage one another to live more boldly for Christ.
  • Breaking Through the Generational Barrier – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Church” Series - Has a conversation with your children ever ended badly because of a misunderstanding? Do you find it hard to make sense of the things that your children value, their lifestyle, and how they use their time? Have they ever said anything that hurt your feelings? Do you feel that no matter how hard you love them, there is still a barrier? You are not alone if you can somehow identify with these questions because generational communication is not always smooth and without roadblocks. However, instead of getting frustrated, you can choose to be more open-minded, willing to listen and learn, wait for the opportunity to arise, or even restore the relationship. We hope that Presence’s “Healthy Dialogue” Series will bring hope and inspiration to break through generational barriers.
  • Reading Together: A Resource for Building a Closer Parent-Child Relationship - The recent pandemic has without a doubt affected our relationships with friends and family members. For those parents looking to connect with their teens or adult children on a deeper level; or for those youth who want to have a better relationship with their parents, we at Presence and RE:NEW hope to provide resources that will help families take the time to understand one another’s perspectives.
  • The Growth and Maturity of an American-Born Chinese (2) - Our last blog article talked about how Yanzie, a typical good American-Born Chinese girl, dealt with parents’ expectations, identity issues as an ABC, together with all the other challenges in her high school years. In this issue, Yanzie shares about the changes she experienced in her college years, the transformation of her relationship with her parents, and how faith carried her through growing pains and difficulties. With understanding and acceptance, she believes there can always be warmth and harmony within the family.
  • The Growth and Maturity of an American-Born Chinese (1) - In the eyes of Chinese parents, the so-called perfect child is believed to have no more than a few characteristics: outstanding academic performance, helpful with house chores, active school participation, gets along with peers, respectful and courteous to elders, responsible, and caring for family members. Though Chinese parents work hard to raise their children to be sensible and good, have you ever thought about how they think about their identity, their relationship with parents, and the various challenges they face in school?
  • Secrets of Communicating with Our Youth – Presence Harmonious Family Series - People in different eras have had very different life goals and pursuits. Technology and innovation has created a totally new world for our generation. The lifestyle, thinking patterns, goals and ideals of today’s youth are in no comparison with ours twenty to thirty years ago. Dr. Agnes Ip has shared with us about the don’ts when communicating with our youth, from which we can grasp the secrets of building relationships with the next generation.
  • A Time to Guide, A Time to Let Go - Written by Gloria Fong Translated by Publication team Did your child ever tell you, “Mom, I want to marry you!”? My son did that when he was young, and I laughed so hard at that time. Now my son is ...