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Relationship cultivation among three generations in Chinese families – Bundle

活現家庭系列–三代情深MP4研習套裝(國) 家庭關係出現抱怨和誤會,甚至造成傷害,往往是因為表達愛的方式不合宜,和沒有設立健康的界線, 以致沒辦法把愛有效地傳遞。葉博士會從以下4個方面探討跨代關係互動中的不同技巧,讓關係更親密和諧。 了解家庭愛的語言 設立健康關係的界線 平衡孝順父母和培養子女獨立之間的界線 學習不說傷害家人的話 套裝包括: 以上4課的下載視頻教材 研習本+組長本各一份 父母心祈禱手冊 (免費贈送) 17篇精選的部落格文章 (在研習本內)   產品編號:PA-M4-MB1 粵語, MP4按此訂購產品

Internet Addiction in Teens

Descriptions: Online games, online shopping, online chatting, online search The Internet is a prominent part of our everyday life. Now internet addiction is becoming a serious problem. How do you identify it, prevent it, and overcome it?

Equipping Youth Leaders for Mentorship

RE:NEW and Presence Quotient hosted a one-day conference on March 28, 2015 for youth pastors and youth workers on how to serve as mentors. This DVD is a recording of the teaching and training provided at the conference hosted at Evangelical Formosan …