Empathetic Group Facilitation Training



  • Getting to know the roles and responsibilities of small group facilitators: helping to fully play the effectiveness of small group leaders
  • Active listening skills in the small groups: how to let group members feel supported, understood, respected, and loved
  • How to ask appropriate questions: learn how to ask different types of questions to achieve a certain effect
  • How to face difficulties when leading small groups: offering effective solutions for difficult questions
  • Practical intern instruction: help to practice what you learn
  • Presence offers teaching materials for various ages, so small group leaders can practice after they learn the skills

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Study Bundle:
  • “Disciplining Your Children without Hitting or Yelling” study bundle: Suitable for families with young children or for small groups, three-lesson material. With effective communication, we help your children to build healthy esteem and foundations of psychological adjustment so that your children can grow healthily with autonomy and you can correct your children’s behavior without hitting or yelling.