Presence Life Planning Curriculum

Presence Life Planning Curriculum – Hong Kong


SPEAKER/coach: Dr. Agnes Ip


Overcoming Challenges in A Multicultural World, Living out Your Uniqueness with Wisdom

Today’s society is full of different issues. How should Christians face the different challenges in this multicultural world while living out our uniqueness with wisdom? “Presence Life Planning Curriculum” (PLPC) is based upon Christian values, offers biblical examples and principles, explores real life cases, and uses interactive games and group discussions to help students reset life priorities, explore personal potential and calling, and learn wisdom and skills in dealing with others in a multicultural society.

Basic Course (A) : The building of personal inner life

Helping you set life priorities, and building a healthy emotional and relational life.

PLPC Topic Problems Faced by People in The Community PLPC Skills
A1. Defining Core Values:
Setting life priorities
Lack of long-term life goals Evaluate and reset priorities in life
A2. Managing Your Life:
Building physical and emotional health
Weak life-coping skills Learn healthy lifestyle and life management skills
A3. Cherishing Your Relationships: Investing in important and intimate relationships Lack of positive family support Build skills for interpersonal intimacy and positive communication skills with family
A4. Resisting Temptations:  Handling stress with a healthy attitude in order to resists temptations Lack of stress management skills and stress from excessive use of social media Learn how to manage the use of social media, build self-esteem, and learn stress management skills


Advanced Course (B): The relationship between personal identity and the society

Embracing unique gifts and identities, responding to society’s concept of success or failure, and living out wisdom in the gray area through faith.

PLPC Topic Problems Faced by People in The Community PLPC Skills
B1. Embracing Your Life:  

Discovering your uniqueness, life goals, and dreams

Lack of self-identity and comprehensive potential development Explore and determine multiple self-identities, develop potential and fulfill life dreams
B2. Rising above Limitations:

Living a proactive life despite limitations

Anxiety and disappointment over limitations in life Evaluate expectations in life and ways of thinking, learn to deal with things with the golden mean
B3. Reevaluating Success and Failure:

Examining personal and societal standards

Obsession over success and failure Compare personal, societal and biblical perspectives on success and failure and establish guidelines
B4. Living a Moral Life:

Living with wisdom when faced with gray areas

Confusion in making life choices when faced with gray areas Distinguish personal principles, morals, ethics, and boundaries of the law; reset attitudes and principles in making choices in gray areas


Presence Life Planning Curriculum Trainer Program

We also provide the Presence Life Planning Curriculum Trainer Program to help churches train PLPC Trainers. A certified trainer can teach PLPC basic course (A) at one’s church or/and community.  For more information, please visit the corresponding webpage of our affiliate partner, Presence Quotient®.