A Stunning artwork: Grounded in Love – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving God” Series

Monica Chan Yip

This painting is an entry from Anissa and her daughter for the “God’s Heart to My Heart Scripture Creative Expression Contest” held by Presence last year. The six faces in the painting with gentle smiles and colorful flowers in their hands are placed in a quagmire full of hostile dangers all around. They look up to the light from above, which shines on their calm and peaceful bodies. This stunning and powerful contrast brings a strong and unique message: even in a hostile environment, grasping the warmth, kindness, joy and peace from above is the true way to win.

Art Title: Rooted in Love

Looking at this painting, I was curious about the story behind it. After asking the artist behind the artwork, it turned out that this was a real scene. During the epidemic, the artist supported citizens in Canada who peacefully expressed their opinions. However, they were confronted with violence by the opposing side. She immediately recited the Lord’s Prayer with a few people she didn’t know, and shared Ephesians 3:17-18, to encourage them to understand how wide and deep the love of Christ is. Even though she was in an extremely difficult situation, she was filled with the Holy Spirit, and felt great joy and God’s abundant grace. This experience made her deeply realize the fierce battle among people and between people and those in power. Only by looking to Jesus, relying on the great love of God, and experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit can one find a real way out.

After the incident, Anissa experienced a major change in her spiritual life, which even influenced her husband to accept Jesus as his Savior. She hopes that through this painting created with her daughter, people will know that even in the midst of difficulties and hostility–as long as they hold fast to God’s words, promises and love–they will eventually win.

This is what the author wrote about the painting:

“In the last two years, people have been divided more than ever.

Many people are spiritually depleted.

People are fighting one another while losing sight of their values and priorities.

In the days leading up to February 18, 2022, God spoke to me through 


Ephesians 3:17-18

so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; 

and that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 

may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and height and depth.


I wrote these verses down on a piece of cardboard,

willing to share his love and message with anyone who will listen.

Instead, I was greeted with a dark cloud of violent armed force.

I personally witnessed peaceful Canadians being physically attacked.

Clenching onto my little piece of cardboard,

I felt like my light was disappearing through my pierced soul,

I was in tears, there was so much darkness, but a voice appeared to my left.

A stranger simply said,

“Does anyone know the Lord’s prayer?”

A group of about six of us, strangers to each other,

prayed the lord’s prayer while chaos was unfolding in front of our eyes.

Our faith kept us rooted in love and reminded us that nothing can surpass God’s love.

So, I fell to my knees and offered my empty vessel to be filled with God’s Love

and I will faithfully follow his will.”

Have you ever experienced spiritual transformation? Are there any Bible verses that have impacted your life, giving you strength, comfort, joy and hope? Do you hope to turn it into a piece of artwork in order to share the love of the Lord and testify to His power?


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