2022 “God’s Heart to My Heart” Scripture Creative Expression Contest – Sharing by Judge Queenie Ho

Last year Presence held the first Scripture Creative Expression Contest, and we were honored to have Queenie Ho as one of our three judges. Queenie Ho is an art director, with experience working with various industries such as hotel, high fashion, beauty, entertainment, wedding, non-profit & more. 

Queenie said she was very honored to be invited as one of the judges for the contest, and to see fellow Christians expressing themselves through their art creations. Growing up as a designer, she always felt like a rare kind at church because there were not a lot of creative Christians in the Chinese/Asian community until recent years. She found it encouraging to see the many brothers and sisters utilizing their blessed gifts and expressing God’s faithfulness in their lives in their own unique art form.

She shared at the award presentation, “Creating beautiful and moving works of art has been a rich part of Christian traditions for thousands of years. The very first thing we learn about God in Genesis is that He’s the ultimate creator and that He takes immense joy in the creative process. So when we’re told in Genesis that humans are created in God’s image, and God delights in creating, that means creativity is in our blood. It’s our birthright to create and make beautiful things. It’s even our mission to glorify God’s name through our art.”

“As for my judging process for the contest. Besides looking at the aesthetic of the piece, I also pay attention to how each contestant has been moved by God’s word to create inspiring pieces that capture their unique vision and translates them to us. Some of the entered pieces that showcase the artist’s skillful craft as their own interpretation of the scripture are refreshing, like spring water for the audience to enjoy. Some share testimonies the contestants heard or personally experienced are flavorful like tea, leaving the viewers a memorable impression. 

Some entries have gone another step further, they not only tell an uplifting message but also encourage others to have a deeper connection with God. They are like a fine wine that lingers after tasting.” 

“The Bible is the living word of God. These artists translated their inspiration received from above and made the scripture alive. Art is expressive. We can express who God is, who we are in Christ, and what God has done for us. We never know who we help in the process, but we know who we serve. We serve God. Know that He is proud of the work we are doing.”

Queenie spoke highly for the Most Outstanding Award artwork (worship music You Won). She loved its beautiful melody, well written lyrics, and lovely music arrangement. What she appreciated the most is that it truly shows the writer’s heart of worship. “The artist is almost like a vessel that is fully filled with God’s grace, all the good things overflowing from the vessel are words from God that are encouraging and inspiring.”

Queenie’s words for all participants of the contest were, “Winning or not, keep on creating! 

Our art can speak and reach the hearts of people around us in a way no other job, skill, or book knowledge can. Together we will continue to make a positive change in our community.”

Written by: Amy Shi

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