New Year Blessings – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

This year’s Lunar New Year comes exceptionally early. We have just stepped into a new year, and now it’s time to celebrate the Spring Festival. During the Lunar New Year, Chinese people in different parts of the world will follow the traditions they remember and celebrate. When we say “New Year Blessings” to each other at church, have you ever considered what “blessings” we are talking about? At the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, let us look at some greetings in Christ.

Be Still in The Lord – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving God” Series

The traces of God’s intervention in my life have assured me of His resurrection power and faithfulness. He never abandons nor forsakes me. In spite of life’s hurdles, we can stay calm, for we know who’s walking with us. We can rest and be still in Him, and in Him we find comfort and strength.

Slow Down No Matter How Busy You Are – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving God” Series

Hustle-and-bustle is the norm of this generation; everyone is always in a hurry. We are always in a rush, busy to satisfy our wants. Our eyes become blurry, our ears become dull, and we just miss what’s going on around us. We don’t bother to pay attention to nature and the change in seasons. We have been trained since we were young to move fast and to win at the starting point; we were told success meant reaching your goals ahead of others. When we are so busy to find our place among others, we never have a chance to connect with them.

The Lesson of Love – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

I am a person who values relationships and family. I always hope home is a place of love and the relationships within my family are intimate and warm. There is one particular relationship in my life that I’ve always hoped to mend, moving toward intimacy. This is my relationship with my mother.

When Dad is Old – Presence Harmonious Family Series

My dad is a traditional Chinese guy. He was a hardworking breadwinner, who worked for long hours without any complaints and is mindful of how he lives, and by all means, is a good man. However, as his children, we all enjoyed the time he was not home.

Love Language – Presence Harmonious Family Series

We all have our own love language, and so do our children, spouses, and parents. If we can understand their preferences and speak their love language accordingly, it can bolster our relationships with warm feelings and joy. For this Thanksgiving season, try to discover the love languages of the people around you and respond with their preference to show your gratitude towards them. Surely, they will deeply feel your love and gratitude!

Listening to Our Children’s Hearts – Presence Harmonious Family Series

Every person is uniquely created by God. But no matter the personality, kids, just like us adults, need to be understood. I often ask myself: how can I better understand my children? After attending a parenting workshop led by Dr. Agnes Ip, I now have a better grasp of the steps needed to understand my kids.

The Impact of Attachment – Presence Harmonious Family Series

Elderly people often say that babies will be spoiled by being held too much, but some experts say more hugs can promote mental health in children. Should babies be held often? This is a problem often encountered by novice parents. People always say attachment is very important. What exactly is “attachment”?